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Convert MXD to APRX

Development Steps:

1. Tool: Read database connections

a. Reads all MXDs

b. Each layer’s database connection

c. Remove duplicates for connection info: per feature class

d. Load into spreadsheet

2. Manual: Repath database connections

a. Open spreadsheet

b. Change paths of data to UN data

i. Need to figure out AssetGroup and how that effects data connection string

c. Save spreadsheet

3. Tool: Convert MXDs

a. Reads database connection spreadsheet into dictionary

b. Configuration: Need a list of each FROM layer, path TO layer

c. Converts each MXD to APRX file

d. Repaths each layer to new UN

e. Saves APRX files

# File Name: ConvertMXDs_StandAloneScript.py

# Author: Lucas Broyles

# Company: SSP Innovations

# Date Created: 2/4/2019

# Date Modified: 2/5/2019

# Python Version: 3.6.9

# Script requirements:

# 1) arcpy python module

# 2) all input MXDs within a single folder

# 3) blank APRX file (no maps, print templates, etc)

# 4) write access to output conversion folder

# Comments:

# – Script will not repath or fix data sources

# – Script will convert mxds to Maps

# – Script will convert print templates to Layouts

# – When opening APRX files, navigate in Catalog to Maps and/or Templates to see conversion result

# Begin Code

import arcpy, os

from shutil import copyfile

print(“Begin MXD Conversion Script”)

#—– Input Parameters —–

# Script needs a blank APRX file. Use the Pro version you intend on creating all projects

blankAPRX = r”C:\\Users\\lbroyles\\Documents\\SSP – Clients\\Southern_Company\\MPC Specific\\_Received\\blank\\p20\\blank.aprx”

# Output folder to save all the converted Pro Projects

conversionFolder = r”C:\\Users\\lbroyles\\Documents\\SSP – Clients\\Southern_Company\\MPC Specific\\_Received\\UN MXD Examples\\Convert\\”

# Input folder that hosts all the MXD files to be converted

mxdFolder = r”C:\\Users\\lbroyles\\Documents\\SSP – Clients\\Southern_Company\\MPC Specific\\_Received\\UN MXD Examples\\”

#—– ArcPy Functions —–

# Loads all MXDs in mxdFolder to listFiles

arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True

arcpy.env.workspace = mxdFolder

listFiles = arcpy.ListFiles(“*.mxd”)

num = 0

#—– Loop through MXD Files and convert to Pro Projects —–

for files in listFiles:


print(“Converting input MXD: ” + files)

# copies blank APRX file each time to create one converted APRX for each input MXD

filename = (conversionFolder + str(os.path.splitext(files)[0] + “.aprx”))

inputAPRX2 = copyfile(blankAPRX, filename)

aprx = arcpy.mp.ArcGISProject(inputAPRX2)

inputMXD = os.path.join(mxdFolder, files)



num = num + 1


print(“Conversion Error for filename: ” + files)



print(str(num) + ” total MXD files were converted to: ” + conversionFolder)

print(“Finished Script”)

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